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C# Question

Can I use PCL library in standard .Net application?

I have PCL Library and I want to add it to standard (.net 4.6) C# console application. Everything is fine as long as I don't use any PCL specific classes inside the library. And if I do, I get an error "unsupported PCL profile". This error is not googlable. But the same library works fine in UWP application. I am searching for a solution or official explanation why I can't use PCL in non UWP application.

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Sure you can. Just add .NET 4.6 to selected platforms:

enter image description here

It's appears at time when you create PCL.
More information here: Cross-Platform Development with the Portable Class Library

Or you can change platforms in existing PCL. Just go to properties page and you will see:

enter image description here

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