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How to run an SBT project in IntelliJ Idea 2016.2.4?

Many years have passed since development of Scala/SBT-IDEA integration began and the results are clearly visible. At the beginning I had been using pure Linux terminal to create and run an SBT project and an SBT extension to generate the IDEA boilerplate to be able to use Idea for writing the code only. Now as I am revisiting the Scala/SBT-IDEA stack it seems that all the job can be done from inside IDEA itself conveniently, this page describes how.

So, I have managed to create the project but I can't find how am I meant to run it. Can somebody help please?

I don't have installed Scala nor SBT as Idea seems have downloaded them itself (though I don't know where has it put them).

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Simply select, in the project browser, a class that has a static main, and from the context menu choose "Run". This will create the correct run configuration for you.

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