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Send a boolean value in jQuery ajax data

I'm sending some data in an Ajax call. One of the values is a boolean set to FALSE. It is always evaluated as TRUE in the PHP script called by the Ajax. Any ideas?

type: "POST",
data: {photo_id: photo_id,
vote: 1,
undo_vote: false}, // This is the important boolean!
url: "../../build/ajaxes/vote.php",
success: function(data){

In vote.php, the script that is called in the above Ajax, I check the boolean value:

if ($_POST['undo_vote'] == true) {
} else {
Photo::vote($_POST['photo_id'], $_POST['vote']);

But the
$_POST['undo_vote'] == true
condition is ALWAYS met.

Answer Source

A post is just text, and text will evaluate as true in php. A quick fix would be to send a zero instead of false. You could also put quotes around your true in PHP.

if ($_POST['undo_vote'] == "true") {
} else {
    Photo::vote($_POST['photo_id'], $_POST['vote']);

Then you can pass in true/false text. If that's what you prefer.

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