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Python Question

Importing a module outside of Jenkins home directory

I am trying to run a custom Python module located at


The python script is run by Jenkins and located at

Since Jenkins home directory is '/var/lib/jenkins' how can I import my module?

I have tried adding the following to the python script:

import sys
sys.path.insert(0,'/home/modules') """also /home/modules/"""

import module

but I am still getting the error:

ImportError: No module named

I am running everything in Ubuntu 14.04 and Python 2.7


I changed Jenkins user directory like this:

root@dwh-01:~$ usermod -m -d /home/jenkins jenkins

and modified

I think I can work with this, but now the issue is, if I log into jenkins shell and do:

jenkins@dwh-01:/$ cd
bash: cd: jenkins/: No such file or directory

Should the behaviour of the
command direct me to
If I repeat the same when in
It works though.

If I try and start jenkins, it gives me:

  • Starting Jenkins Continuous Integration Server jenkins

    No directory, logging in with HOME=/


User jenkins home dir error fixed, I just made sure the home directory of the user was /home/jenkins using
usermod -d /home/jenkins jenkins

I'm a step closer to importing the module, but am still having issues going one step outside of the jenkins home directory.

Answer Source

Ok finally figured it out. What I did was change in the /etc/default/jenkins file the variable JENKINS_USER and JENKINS_GROUP to the user i needed to outside of the jenkins user folder (outside of /var/lib/jenkins).

This way the scripts ran by Jenkins will be ran as if it was the selected user I specified.

After that, I realized that in Jenkins, even if the working directory is /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/adjust_data_parser/workspace, scripts and files can be called from '/'

So the trick was:

-Accessing the script outside of the jenkins home directory

-Importing the module from its absolute path.

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