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VB.Net Delete all files in folder

I am trying to delete all files from single folder in VB.Net but to keep that folder.

As far as i know, i can delete files by this way:

Dim heart17 As System.IO.FileInfo = New IO.FileInfo("path")

And it works, but i need to empty a whole folder.

The folder path is


I've read this question, but it doesn't work for me (it has some errors or i did something wrong).

Answer Source

This will help you to delete all files in the specified directory you can specify the search pattern to delete files that satisfies the pattern; some possible search patterns are:

  • "*.jpg" - selects all jpg files.

  • "*.txt" - selects all text files.

  • "*123.txt" selects all text files whose name ends with 123

Dim directoryName As String = "your path here"
For Each deleteFile In Directory.GetFiles(directoryName ,"*.*",SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly)