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Google Map SDK Swift, Zooming in and out like Uber's Map

I am trying to implement the Google Map SDK, and so far I have implemented a marker. I made the marker in a way that it follows as it is located in the center when I move the camera position.

The problem is that I can't zoom in and out while the marker's location is not changing. I would like to make the zooming experience like Uber in which the location does not change.. Thank you for your help.

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You can use this line allowScrollGesturesDuringRotateOrZoom to your GMSMapview. It controls whether rotate and zoom gestures can be performed off-center and scrolled around. The default value of this is YES.

mapView.settings.allowScrollGesturesDuringRotateOrZoom = false // NO for obj-c and false for swift

So by setting it by NO/false, you can now perform zooming while the marker location is not moving. For more information, check this thread.

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