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Python Question

"python" only runs from command prompt as Admin

I'm on Windows 7 and if I type "python" in the command prompt as my regular user, I get the old, "'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." but if I open the prompt as the administrator, python initiates like it should.

The very first thing I did was edit the PATH variables through Control Panel, which seemed to add the environment variable, but there's a disconnect between doing this and cmd recognizing that I've done it.

I have changed the permissions on the Python27 folder to allow full access to all users, I've tried adding a pythonexe variable and add that to the PATH, as another StackOverflow question suggested.

When I type PATH = C:\Python27 into cmd as a regular user, that also wont work.

and if I type in set PATH, "C:\Python27;" is in the returned line.

I'm fairly certain it's a permission problem, which is the only reason I've re-posted my own version of this age old question. How do I run Python, given this error and these circumstances?

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To append your path with python directory: path=%PATH$;c:\Python27 Run as normal user.

You should also double check that c:\python27\python.exe actually exists.

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