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How to load Google Map API key

i have downloaded an open source code from and his code is working on his live site at however i get the following error in the browser console when attempting to run on my own server

Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError
Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys
Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired

Of course i went and got an API key for my self but no matter what combination of passing the API key i do it does not work. Here are the following attemps

function onBodyLoad() {
google.load("maps", "3", {callback: init, other_params:"sensor=false"});

function onBodyLoad() {
google.load("maps", "3", {key: "abcdefghijklmnop", callback: init, other_params:"sensor=false"});

function onBodyLoad() {
google.load("maps", "3", {key: abcdefghijklmnop, callback: init, other_params:"sensor=false"});

I have searched online and I see that google does not require an API key, and passing the api key via an argument such as ?api=abcdefghijklmnop&callback ect.

If someone would be kind enough to assist me ive been at this all day. Thank you in advance.


Pass the key in the "other parameters" field:

google.load("maps", "3", {callback: init, other_params:"key=abcdefghijklmnop"});

(the sensor parameter is no longer required, but the API key is).