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Javascript Question

jQuery API-compatible micro framework (other than Zepto)?

I would swear on my cat's grave that I just read about such a thing in the last couple weeks, but I can't for the life of me find it now. I am looking for a minimal framework covering basic DOM selecting (e.g., including Sizzle, so it works with IE6 -- so Zepto doesn't qualify), manipulation & event binding, but omitting just about everything else.

I need to add some very simple stuff to a VERY old web site and I want to use jQuery compatible syntax in case one day it needs more, but don't want to add 90K to the page size for this. I was hoping to spend approximately 30 minutes on this project, so I don't really want to cobble this together myself. Assuming I'm not imagining things, anyone know what I might be thinking of?

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Could it be Midori perhaps?

Edit: Now that I remember there's also DOMAssistant, which is supposed to support Sizzle-style selectors and IE 5.5+.

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