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Android Studio 2.1.1: "no usb devices or running emulators detected"

Suddenly my Android Studio stopped detecting all my devices, none of them is working. It happen from one execution to another. I've changed a few lines of code (1 min maybe?), hit run (instant run) and then I missed all my devices.

I'm using a Mac and as devices: Nexus 5x, Galaxy s6 and Oneplus One. What can be happening? I've checked previous questions here and tried all this:

  • Run configurations: no matter if I chose usb device or show the window, it does not work.

  • Tools > Android > Enable ADB integration
    : didn't help

  • Command line
    adb devices
    does not detect any either.

  • I've revoked and granted again USB authorizations. Still not working.

  • I've tried other apps I have, none work.

  • Restarted phones

  • Restarted android studio

  • Restarted computer

(Note: if I start an emulator it works, but I'd prefer to use physical device since I have to scan real barcodes)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Answer Source

Well, I've fixed. The problem in case any faces the same was a Stetho ( tab in chrome, the one you open by typing: chrome://inspect/#devices not sure about the reason because it's been open for 2 days now, but it was the cause, once I closed it, it worked.

Found this unaccepted answer here: macbook adb cannot open interface That for sure should be accepted.

EDIT: I've been able to replicate the problem. It happens when you have the devices tab open and try to run a second app that has stetho configured.

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