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AngularJS Question

Selecting multiple images in Ionic

I have this html:

<div ng-repeat="image in images">
<img ng-src="img/{{image}}_off.png" />

And this javascript in the controller:

$scope.images = ['imga','imgb','imgc'];

I also have these image files:


What I need is to switch between on and off when an image is clicked.

Im not really sure what the best approach is.
Is it about attaching an ng-model for each img-element?
Or is there any better way to do this?

Answer Source

Hold toggle data in $scope variable:

var $scope.toggles = [false, false, false];

Toggle based on $index:

<div ng-repeat="image in images">
  <img ng-src="img/{{image}}_{{ toggles[$index] ? 'on' : 'off' }}.png" ng-click="toggles[$index] = !toggles[$index]"/>

Note: This code is untested but this is a general approach. You could also hold toggle data as part of $scope.images

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