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How to get special day of week and list of weekdays using bootstrap datepicker in PHP

I'm using Bootstrap datepicker and I'd like to get special days of every week ( Like: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday). For example, If we select every monday and Wednesday then select only Monday and Wednesday.

And I want this weekday through month wise, (Like, If we select date 24-jun to 24-july and select only Monday. Then every Monday from 24-jun to 24-july will be selected).

So what would be the correct way to get weekdays using bootstrap datepicker?

Any kind of help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

I´ve found the solution :

 $start_date = "28-06-2016";
 $end_date = "28-07-2016";
 $weekdays = [1,2]; // 0 = sunday, 1 = monday ...

 $range_date = array();
 for ($i = strtotime($start_date); $i <= strtotime($end_date); $i = strtotime('+1 day', $i)) 
     if(in_array(date('N', $i), $weekdays))//Monday == 1
           echo date('l Y-m-d', $i).'<br>'; //prints the date only if it's a Monday or tuseday etc..

And output :

 Tuesday 2016-06-28
 Monday 2016-07-04
 Tuesday 2016-07-05
 Monday 2016-07-11
 Tuesday 2016-07-12
 Monday 2016-07-18
 Tuesday 2016-07-19 
 Monday 2016-07-25
 Tuesday 2016-07-26
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