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PHP Question

PHP echo to remain on the same line after HTML

(<?php _e( 'Up to', 'test' ); ?> &pound;
<?php $current_price = get_field( 'price_details_price_b', 'option' );
$exchange_rate = get_field( 'price_details_exchange_rate', 'option' );
$uk_price = ($current_price * $exchange_rate);
echo $uk_price;

This code outputs the echo on a new line. I don't want this to occur and I don't want the PHP to start after the pound symbol, therefore what is the solution?

I know I can do this by adding HTML comment
<!-- -->
after the pound symbol and before the PHP tag but wondered if there was a better solution?

Answer Source

Why couldn't you just do

   (<?php _e( 'Up to', 'test' ); ?> &pound <?php
   $current_price = get_field( 'price_details_price_b', 'option' );

? Or not drop out of PHP mode in the first place?

   (<?php _e( 'Up to', 'test' ); echo '&pound;';
   $current_price = get_field( 'price_details_price_b', 'option' );
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