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Launch failed. The app could not be launched on xamarin

I am getting the following error when trying to run Visual Studio/Xamarin built application on the IOS Simulator.

Launch failed. The app 'App2' could not be launched on 'iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10.1'. Please check the logs for more details.

"App2" was created using the Tab Template, and NO code changes after rolling the application.

Windows environment: Windows 10 w/Visual Studio 2015 update 2

Mac environment: IMac Sierra fully patched. XCode 8.1 (what ever is most up to date).

I have connected the mac remote and pc. I can launch the iPhone simulator on the mac from Visual studio on the PC.

I get the error when trying to run "App2". It compiles fine, just won't run on the simulator.

I've searched here, and similar results speak of VS Crashing. Mine doesn't crash, just presents the error. NOTE: There's nothing in any log I can find with details by the way.

Ideas? Thanks!

EDIT: Just loaded up Parallels on the IMac and ran Win 10/VStudio. I get the same error. Again, xamarin remote agent connected and I can start the simulator from the PC, i just can't deploy to it.

Answer Source

After all the research and help from those here it comes down to a bug with the current version of Xamarin. Options are to wait until a new stable build is on the Xamarin site or get builds off of GIT. I'm choosing to wait, as I've not had great luck working with interim builds.

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