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Javascript Question

Get the selected Node from a jstree

I am trying to get the selected Node from a jstree.

This is the code in the View

<div id="divtree" >
<ul id="tree" >
@foreach (var m in Model.presidentList)
<li class="jstree-clicked">
<a href="#" class="usr">@m.Name</a>
@Html.Partial("Childrens", m)

This is the javascript part where I try to retrieve the name of the Node

$(".jstree-clicked").click(function (e) {
var node = $(this).jstree('get_selected').text();

I have a problem on getting only the selected node. If I select one of the children(last node of the tree for example) I still get the entire list of nodes. Please let me know if you have any idea where I am doing something wrong?

Answer Source

I don't think you should assign class 'jstree-clicked' for each <li> node. And get selected node using jstree container that you used for jstree binding.

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