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Codeigniter POST/GET variables and $this->input->post

I have an issue with post variables in Codeigniter, for now I fixed it, but I'm not sure if this is fine, in other words, I'd really like to know why I had issue only on hosting server, not on local.

The problem:
I wanted more secure script so I replaced $_POST/$_GET with $this->input->post and $this->input->get, like in this example:

$data['datepicker'] = $this->input->get('thisDate');

this was all working fine on my localhost, but I assume it is wrong way, as when I deployed to the hosting server, I've got ajax parse error from validation engine that I'm using, I couldn't log in the system, getting all the time ajax parse error, and somehow figured out that whenever I checked if empty$this->input->post('var) or the same with get, was wrong.

I have checked the input class from Codeigniter and figured out, that $this->input->post is returning true/false, so I changed the scripts in the format like this:

$data['datepicker'] = $this->input->get('thisDate');

this worked fine.
I'm still wondering - why the code worked on the localhost, but it didn't on the server or what is the best way to check if the POST/GET variable is empty or not.Seems I really miss something out.

Thank you.

Answer Source

Consider that checking for empty($this->post->get('var')) will always return false, no matter if the POST/GET exists, so it might be for that reason only. - So i'm not sure why you got the error on a different environment, but the first statement is wrong, it's exactly like writing if(true)

Also, I'd check for a strong assertion of false for inputs, You never know when you might need a zero as an input and if you're used to this practice, you might get an accidental false.

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