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How to git pull for multiple repos on windows?

So I have a lot of repos, and sometimes I forget if some are behind on their pulls, so I was wondering there was a way to git pull for each repo in one .bat script. I saw someone do it for linux I believe here, but I'm on a windows machine. Does anyone know how to do this for windows?

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You can make a .bat file in which you add all the repositories yourself with this

cd C:\path\to\git\repo
call git pull
cd C:\path\to\git\repo2
call git pull

Or let it run through a whole directory with git repositories

FOR /D %G in (C:\Documents\GitRepos\*) Do cd %G & call git pull & cd ..

Instead of .bat file there is a GUI client Github for windows

If you have all your repositories in there it won't be a pain to remember to sync them all.

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