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Kue UI (Express) parallel to Hapi.JS API-Server

I want to use the UI from Kue (https://github.com/Automattic/kue) parallel to my Hapi.js Application.

The Kui UI is build with Express.

Hapi and Express are listening on port 80 on my heroku dyno.

How can I do that? Can someone give me an example?

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The post is lacking a bit of details but I think I understand what you want. I will assume that both services run on the same IP@ so you obviously can't have them both on port 80.

I think a possible solution is to start kue on another port (say 4080) and have hapi.js proxy the kue routes to the kue server.

The relevant document section is here (look for the proxy option). There is a sample here.

Hope I got your question right.

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