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JSON Question

What is difference between ObjectResult and JsonResult

There are two classes in

. Both convert object the the Json format.

What is difference between them and what is purpose to use them?

Answer Source

JsonResult is an IActionResult which formats the given object as JSON

ObjectResult is an IActionResult that has content negotiation built in.

Inside its ExecuteResultAsync, responsible for writing to the response stream, the framework will walk through the available formatters and select a relevant one.

The logic for choosing a formatter is similar to that in ASP.NET Web API, and based on the following order of precedence:

  • Accept header
  • Content-Type header
  • selection based on type match

OkObjectResult Class

An Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ObjectResult that when executed performs content negotiation, formats the entity body, and will produce a Microsoft.AspNetCore.Http.StatusCodes.Status200OK response if negotiation and formatting succeed.


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