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Does std::future support polymorphism?

Does std::future in c++ support polymorphism?
So, if to store

, can I after get it after by

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Providing you use a reference or a pointer (probably obvious since it'll fail to compile otherwise)... Yes.

#include <iostream>
#include <future>
using namespace std;
struct Parent {
    virtual void a() { cout << "I am parent"; }
struct Child : Parent {
    virtual void a() { cout << "I am child"; }

Child g_c; //just some global for the purposes of the example

int main() {
    std::future<Parent&> p = async(launch::async, []() -> Parent& { return g_c; });
    auto c = dynamic_cast<Child&>(p.get());
    return 0;

code result here: http://ideone.com/4Qmjvc

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