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Objective-C Question

NSDictionary to NSArray?

i have a

which looks like:

"Item1" = 2.4;
"Item2" = 5.5;
"Item3" = 15.6;

To use this
Items in a Table View i have to transfer it to a
, am i right?

So i try:

NSDictionary *dict = [myDict objectForKey:@"items"];

for (id item in dict) {
[_myArray addObject:[dict objectForKey:item]];

But _myArray keeps empty? What am i doing wrong?

Answer Source

Leaving aside the technical issues with the code you posted, you asked this:

To use this Dictionary Items in a Table View i have to transfer it to a NSArray, am i right?

The answer to which is: not necessarily. There's nothing intrinsic to the machinery of UITableView, UITableViewDataSource, or UITableViewDelegate that means that your data has to be in an array. You will need to implement various methods to tell the system how many rows are in your table, and what data appears in each row. Many people find it much more natural and efficient to answer those questions with an ordered data structure like an array. But there's no requirement that you do so. If you can write the code to implement those methods with the dictionary you started with, feel free!

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