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WatchOS Complication: is it possible to use custom text alignment?

I've been developing a watchOS 2 complication for my app. It's looking great... asides from one last thing I'd like to tweak.

Complication templates seem to provide text alignment that isn't quite what I want. For the purpose of this question, let's go with the following code:

let template = CLKComplicationTemplateModularSmallStackText()
template.line1TextProvider = CLKSimpleTextProvider(text: "Hi")
template.line2TextProvider = CLKSimpleTextProvider(text: "Bye")

Now, looking at the complication, the first line is centre aligned, while the second line is left aligned. Not a massive deal I know, but I'd really like both lines to be centre aligned... it would make my complication look much better!

I've been looking through the API docs and searched the web, and I can't see a way to do this (or anyone else that's tried to do the same thing).


  • Has anyone else run into the same issue?

  • Is there something in the API that I've missed that lets you do this?

  • If not, is there any slightly more hacky/obtuse way of achieving what I'd like?

Answer Source

Unfortunately, you are limited by the predetermined layout that Apple has chosen for each particular template, and can't control the alignment.

Filing a bug report is your best option to address any issue or request an enhancement.

I can't reproduce your issue on watchOS 2.2 or 3.0 beta 1. line 2 is centered for that particular template.

If you're supporting an earlier watchOS version which behaves differently, you could see if any Unicode space characters or textProviderWithFormat: would help to improve the appearance.

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