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Stream FTP upload in chunks with PHP?

Is it possible to stream an FTP upload with PHP? I have files I need to upload to another server, and I can only access that server through FTP. Unfortunately, I can't up the timeout time on this server. Is it at all possible to do this?

Basically, if there is a way to write part of a file, and then append the next part (and repeat) instead of uploading the whole thing at once, that'd save me. However, my Googling hasn't provided me with an answer.

Is this achievable?

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OK then... This might be what you're looking for. Are you familiar with curl?

CURL can support appending for FTP:


The other option is to use ftp:// / ftps:// streams, since PHP 5 they allow appending. See ftp://; ftps:// Docs. Might be easier to access.

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