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Ubuntu 16.04 - Oracle 11g startup issue

Hy, I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and the database server is starting automatically when machine is opened even I have set to don't.
When I was prompted if I want to run Oracle on startup I taped 'no'.
The configuration from /etc/default/oracle-xe is:

#This is a configuration file for automatic starting of the Oracle
#Database and listener at system startup.It is generated By running
#'/etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure'.Please use that method to modify this

# ORACLE_DBENABLED:'true' means to load the Database at system boot.

# LISTENER_PORT: Database listener

# HTTP_PORT : HTTP port for Oracle Application Express

# Configuration : Check whether configure has been done or not

The configuration from /etc/oratab is:


Even 'ORACLE_DBENABLED=false' the Oracle server is starting with operation system.
I can stop it manually, but it is frustrating and if I'm not stopping them, I have to wait 30-40 sec to shut down my computer (even I have ssd, and normally I stay 2, max 3 sec).

May someone can save me from this hell? :D

PS: On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS it was working well with same procedure to install.

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Not sure why the startup script is starting the database instance (or maybe it is only starting lisener and OEM console but not the instance?), since you have a :N marker in the oratab.

However in all cases you might be able to simply delete the init script /etc/init.d/oracle-xe or disable it in systemd: systemctl disable oracle-xe.service.

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