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Change Navigation View Item Color Dynamicly Android

I'd like to build a navigation drawer where each item has a different selection color (the icon tint and text color) as the google play store has:

enter image description here

I'm not sure how they've solved this, I think they use different activities with different drawers. I want to use fragments and I want to change the icon tint and text color. Any ideas how I can do this? I'm using google's design support library and a drawer layout with a navigation view in there.

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use app:itemIconTint in your NavigationView for icons and use app:itemTextColor for textColors

Sample :

drawable/navigation_text_color :

<selector xmlns:android="">
    <!-- This is used when the Navigation Item is checked -->
    <item android:color="#009688" android:state_checked="true" />
    <!-- This is the default text color -->
    <item android:color="#E91E63" />

and layout :

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