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Ajax Question

p:ajax immediate="true" on UIInput does not skip validation


<p:inputText required="true">
<p:ajax event="click" immediate="true" process="@this" update="@this" />

click causes validation, even if ajax is immediate. Why?

I can't make finally made this work out:

<p:dataGrid var="elem" value="#{immediateTestBean.elements}" columns="3">
<f:facet name="footer">
<p:commandButton action="#{immediateTestBean.newElement}" immediate="true"
process="@namingcontainer" update="@namingcontainer" value="#{bundle.add}" />

<h:panelGrid columns="3">
<p:selectOneMenu value="#{elem.type}">
<p:ajax immediate="true" process="@form" update="@form" />
<f:selectItem itemValue="text" itemLabel="#{bundle.text}" />
<f:selectItem itemValue="date" itemLabel="#{bundle.date}" />

<h:panelGroup id="detail">
<p:inputText value="#{elem.text}" required="true" rendered="#{elem.type == 'text'}"
validator="#{immediateTestBean.testValidate}" label="#{bundle.text}">
<f:validateLength minimum="4" />
<p:calendar value="#{elem.date}" required="true" rendered="#{elem.type == 'date'}"
pattern="dd/MM/yyyy" readonlyInput="true" showOn="button"
validator="#{immediateTestBean.testValidate}" label="#{bundle.date}" />

<p:commandButton action="#{immediateTestBean.removeElement(elem)}" immediate="true"
process="@namingcontainer" update="@namingcontainer" value="#{bundle.remove}" />

<p:spacer height="10" style="display: block" />

<p:commandButton process="@form" update="@form" value="#{bundle.submit}" />

Everything works fine, except
<p:ajax immediate="true" process="@form" update="@form" />
which does not behave as
s do: validation occurs (but in

I tried to dig inside JSF source code and noted that
s call
in default
, so I tried with:

<p:ajax listener="#{facesContext.renderResponse}" immediate="true" process="@form" update="@form" />

Now, when I select 'date', validation is skipped, but
<h:panelGroup id="detail">
is not updated.

Then, I tought that skipping validation caused skip of update model too, so I called:

<p:ajax listener="#{immediateTestBean.skip}" immediate="true" process="@form" update="@form" />

And finally it works.

But two questions arose:

  1. Why is this so complicated?

  2. Is there a simpler way to achieve the same behavior?

However, here is the code of the bean:

public class ImmediateTestBean implements Serializable
private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

private static final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ImmediateTestBean.class);

public class Element
private String type = "text";

private String text;

private Date date;

public String getType()
return type;

public void setType(String type)
this.type = type;

public String getText()
return text;

public void setText(String text)
this.text = text;

public Date getDate()
return date;

public void setDate(Date date)
this.date = date;

private final List<Element> elements = new ArrayList<>();

public void testValidate(FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value)
logger.debug("phase: {}", context.getCurrentPhaseId());

public void skip()
logger.debug("Faces.getCurrentPhaseId(): {}", Faces.getCurrentPhaseId());

UIInput component = (UIInput) Components.getCurrentComponent();
logger.debug("component: {}", component);

FacesContext context = Faces.getContext();


public void newElement()
elements.add(new Element());

public void removeElement(Element elem)

public List<Element> getElements()
return elements;

Answer Source

This is a lack of JSF, which cannot be simulated with immediate="true" in every case.

Just use OmniFaces SkipValidators

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