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C++ Question

how do I translate of lon/lat coordinate by some N-E meters distance on earth surface?

how do I get a new coordinate in geodetic (Lat/Lon) from a reference point (which is in geodetic) after some translation (in meters) on earth surface, and also I need to do the calculation using true earth ellipsoid model such as WGS84.

for example:

  • suppose I have reference point of 10.32E, -4.31N

  • then I do translation of (3000,-2000) meters ( which is move the point 3000 meters to east and 2000 meters to south on earth surface.

  • then I need the coordinate of new point in geodetic.

thank you

Answer Source

found the answer :


from: Vincenty direct formula - T Vincenty, "Direct and Inverse Solutions of Geodesics on the
Ellipsoid with application of nested equations", Survey Review, vol XXII no 176, 1975


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