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determine if server supports resume get request

How does one determine if a server supports resuming a file transfer or get request?

My thoughts were to set the header to start the get request at byte "2" instead of 0, and immediately closing the http request if that gave the proper result

but I was wondering if there was something about the server response for a different kind of probe that would reveal this information to me

Answer Source

To probe the download resume feature of a server, you may send a HEAD request to the server supplying a Range header with arbitrary values. If the response code is 206, then resume is supported.

Example with curl:

$ curl -i -X HEAD --header "Range: bytes=50-100" http://mirrors.melbourne.co.uk/ubuntu-releases//raring/ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso


Here's an example in Java:

import org.apache.http.client.ResponseHandler;
import org.apache.http.client.HttpClient;
import org.apache.http.HttpResponse;
import org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpHead;
import org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient;
import org.apache.http.message.BasicHeader;

public class ResumeChecker {

    public final static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

        HttpClient httpclient = new DefaultHttpClient();
        HttpHead httpRequest = new HttpHead("http://www.google.com");
        httpRequest.addHeader(new BasicHeader("Range", "bytes=10-20"));

        System.out.println("Executing request " + httpRequest.getURI());

        HttpResponse response = httpclient.execute(httpRequest);

        // Check here that response.getStatusLine() contains 206 code

However, I haven't tested it mysqlf.

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