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Javascript Question

No PDFJS.workerSrc specified

Trying to use PDF JS in a local Apache server and receiving the following error in console:

Uncaught Error: No PDFJS.workerSrc specified

This is very weird, because I'm following all that the examples specifies here

I have, in my main folder, a sample file called
and I'm just trying to display it. I did it by using a iframe with a

<iframe src="./web/viewer.html?file=http://localhost:99/PDF/arquivo.pdf" width="1800px" height="900px" />

And now I'm trying to use the JavaScript API to display it. I'm trying to do:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="./build/pdf.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
PDFJS.getDocument('arquivo.pdf').then(function(pdf) {
// Here I use it

If I try to include
manually, I receive:

GET http://localhost:99/PDF/build/pdf.worker.worker.js 404 (Not Found)

because it programmatically includes pdf.worker.js.

With the sample code I posted here, I receive a log and an error:

Error: No PDFJS.workerSrc specified pdf.js:249
at error (http://localhost:99/PDF/build/pdf.js:251:15)
at Object.WorkerTransport (http://localhost:99/PDF/build/pdf.js:2305:9)
at Object.getDocument (http://localhost:99/PDF/build/pdf.js:1805:15)
at http://localhost:99/PDF/:6:10 pdf.js:251
Warning: Unsupported feature "unknown" pdf.js:234
Uncaught Error: No PDFJS.workerSrc specified

Do I need to manually specify pdf.worker.js?
Please, what can I try to solve this?

Thank you so much!

(*) - I can see a lack of good content and a well explained documentation of PDF.JS.

Answer Source

I had a similar error and I fixed it by specifying the pdf.worker.js explicitly at the end of the pdf.js

if (!PDFJS.workerSrc && typeof document !== 'undefined') {
  // workerSrc is not set -- using last script url to define default location
  ****** I have no clue what the code below hope to accomplish ********
  ****** How can it locate the script container by assuming it ********
  ****** always would be at the end of <body> or <head> ????   ********
  PDFJS.workerSrc = (function () {
    'use strict';
    var scriptTagContainer = document.body ||
    var pdfjsSrc = scriptTagContainer.lastChild.src;
    return pdfjsSrc && pdfjsSrc.replace(/\.js$/i, '.worker.js');

  ****** Here I just hardcode the location of the needed file *********
  ****** This is the part that makes it work.                 *********
  ****** Obviously, tailor this to the same path of pdf.js    *********
  PDFJS.workerSrc = '/static/js/pdf.worker.js';
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