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How to use an object passed to a fun as context for inner function?

I am iterating through an array of functions and am suppose to call each function USING THE OBJECT AS THE CONTEXT and I don't know how to do it - tried apply but it doesn't work-I guess because I don't fully understand this, apply etc.
Happy about some help!

function calling(obj,arr){
for (var i=0; i<arr.length;i++){
return arr;

var fnA = [
function () {
this.yes = true;
function () { = false;
var obj = {};

calling(obj, fnA);
obj.yes; //should return true

Answer Source

Are you sure you read the documentation of Function.prototype.apply() correctly?

thisArg, which sets the execution context, is the first parameter of apply, not the second:


As second parameter, you can optionally pass an array of arguments that the function should be called with.

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