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Use Apache Beam as dependency

I'm trying to use Apache Beam either as maven or gradle dependency. As I know the project is incubating as intended to be a evolved version of Google Dataflow SDK.

So, I might be making a wrong assumption: as I haven't found across the initial documentation from Apache Beam's project, how could I use their Java sdk version as a gradle or maven dependency on my project? I haven't found what is the exactly artifactid, groupid to add. Anyone here already used it?


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Apache Beam hasn't released its first version yet, so its binaries aren't available in the Maven Central Repository just yet.

The first release, 0.1.0-incubating, has just been started yesterday and should be released shortly. At that point, Apache Beam binaries will be available in the Maven Central Repository and will be searchable here.

In addition, Apache Beam publishes nightly builds to Apache Software Foundation's snapshot repository. You can also choose to take a dependency on those artifacts from build tools like Maven.

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