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OWIN middleware to correlate and log requests and responses?

I'm writing a piece of custom OWIN middleware to log all http requests and their responses. I would like to "correlate" these with a trackingId. Here is the code:

public class PacketTrackingMiddleware
private readonly AppFunc _next;

public PacketTrackingMiddleware(AppFunc next)
_next = next;

public async Task Invoke(IDictionary<string, object> environment)
IOwinContext context = new OwinContext(environment);
var request = context.Request;
var response = context.Response;

//capture details about the caller identity

var identity = (request.User != null && request.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated)
? request.User.Identity.Name
: "(anonymous)";

var apiPacket = new ApiPacket
CallerIdentity = identity

//buffer the request stream in order to intercept downstream reads
var requestBuffer = new MemoryStream();
request.Body = requestBuffer;

//buffer the response stream in order to intercept downstream writes
var responseStream = response.Body;
var responseBuffer = new MemoryStream();
response.Body = responseBuffer;

//add the "Http-Tracking-Id" response header
context.Response.OnSendingHeaders(state =>
var ctx = state as IOwinContext;
if (ctx == null) return;
var resp = ctx.Response;

//adding the tracking id response header so that the user
//of the API can correlate the call back to this entry
resp.Headers.Add("http-tracking-id", new[] { apiPacket.TrackingId.ToString("d") });
}, context);

//invoke the next middleware in the pipeline
await _next.Invoke(environment);

//rewind the request and response buffers to record their content
WriteRequestHeaders(request, apiPacket);
requestBuffer.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
var requestReader = new StreamReader(requestBuffer);
apiPacket.Request = await requestReader.ReadToEndAsync();

WriteResponseHeaders(response, apiPacket);
responseBuffer.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
var reader = new StreamReader(responseBuffer);
apiPacket.Response = await reader.ReadToEndAsync();

//write the apiPacket to the database
//await database.InsterRecordAsync(apiPacket);
System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("TrackingId: " + apiPacket.TrackingId);

//make sure the response we buffered is flushed to the client
responseBuffer.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
await responseBuffer.CopyToAsync(responseStream);
private static void WriteRequestHeaders(IOwinRequest request, ApiPacket packet)
packet.Verb = request.Method;
packet.RequestUri = request.Uri;
packet.RequestHeaders = request.Headers;
private static void WriteResponseHeaders(IOwinResponse response, ApiPacket packet)
packet.StatusCode = response.StatusCode;
packet.ReasonPhrase = response.ReasonPhrase;
packet.ResponseHeaders = response.Headers;

I'm having trouble with adding the http-tracking-id to the response header (these lines here).

context.Response.OnSendingHeaders(state =>
var ctx = state as IOwinContext;
if (ctx == null) return;
var resp = ctx.Response;

resp.Headers.Add("http-tracking-id", new[] { apiPacket.TrackingId.ToString("d") });
}, context);

When adding the header I sometimes get this error:

HttpException was unhandled by user code.

Additional information: Server cannot append header after HTTP headers
have been sent.

Edit 1:
I am testing this by simply running the api, which opens chrome to my http://localhost:64051/ address. If I browse to any actual API (http://localhost:64051/api/Accounts/21067) for example, I don't receive the error. Should I somehow just be sending a 404 back when browsing to the root of the site?

Answer Source

I think it may be a simple fix. Please try:

var responseHeaders = (IDictionary<string, string[]>)environment["owin.ResponseHeaders"];
responseHeaders["http-tracking-id"] = new[] {apiPacket.TrackingId.ToString("d")};

But not in the context.Response.OnSendingHeaders. Just inline with the rest.

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