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Display alert message and redirect after click on accept

Well, I have a page with links to reports. Whenever somebody clicks on one report, they can download the excel file. However, sometimes there are no fields to make a report; in that case, I want to display an alert message and after they click on "accept", they get redirected to the main panel. When they click on the report, they go to a controller that uses a

to get the data. If there's no data, the model returns
; so at the end of the controller, I check:

if ($result_array != FALSE)
to_excel($result_array->result_array(), $xls,$campos);
else {
echo "<script>alert('There are no fields to generate a report');</script>";

If I get rid of
then the alert works, but it moves the user to the page that was supposed to generate the excel file. But if I use the redirect, the controller moves the user to the main panel without showing the alert.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Answer Source
echo "<script>
alert('There are no fields to generate a report');

and get rid of redirect line below.

You were mixing up two different worlds.

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