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Objective-C Question

Make a objective C method that uses a swift protocol as parameter public accesable

I have an objective-c method that uses a swift protocol as a parameter type. The signature looks like

+ (void) my_ObjC_method: (id<my_Swift_protocol>) parameter_name;

I generally know how to make swift protocols accessible to objective C.
I implemented it this way:

@objC protocol my_Swift_protocol : class {
//...methods go here

My problem is that I want to make
public accessible. That would normally be done by simply adding it to the header file in the
part. Sadly, this requires to import the bridging header to the .h file, so that the .h file knows my swift protocol and recognizes it as a valid type. But you can't import the automatically generated bridging header into other header files.

What would be a good approach to solve or work around this problem?

Answer Source

Maybe you can use @protocol directive as a forward declaration.


#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@protocol my_Swift_protocol;

@interface MyClass : NSObject
+ (void) my_ObjC_method: (id<my_Swift_protocol>) parameter_name;

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