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Find which assembly instruction caused an Illegal Instruction error without debugging

While running a program I've written in assembly, I get

Illegal instruction
error. Is there a way to know which instruction is causing the error, without debugging that is, because the machine I'm running on does not have a debugger or any developement system. In other words, I compile in one machine and run on another. I cannot test my program on the machine I'm compiling because they don't support SSE4.2. The machine I'm running the program on does support SSE4.2 instructions nevertheless.

I think it maybe because I need to tell the assembler (YASM) to recognize the SSE4.2 instructions, just like we do with gcc by passing it the
flag. Or do you think its not the reason? Any idea how to tell YASM to recognize SSE4.2 instructions?

Maybe I should trap the SIGILL signal and then decode the SA_SIGINFO to see what kind of illegal operation the program does.

Answer Source

Actually often you get an illegal instruction error not because your program contain an illegal opcode but because there is a bug in your program (e.g., a buffer overflow) that makes your program jumps in a random address with plain data or in code but not in the start of the opcode.

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