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YARD for keyword arguments with default hash

I have a method that looks like this:

def get_endpoint(params: {})

I want the caller of this method to be able to pass in a few optional parameters.

I want to write YARD documentation to support this and if I wasn't using keyword arguments I'd use the

However, YARD's own docs say:

Note: For keyword parameters, use @param, not @option.

So I tried:

# @param params [Hash] options to be used in request
# @param date [String] date in YYYYMMDD
# @param start_time [Integer] start_time in Epoch

That fails because YARD only sees the
keyword argument I'm using. The exact failure is:

@param tag has unknown parameter name: date

So then I tried to use the
syntax replaced with the

# @param params [Hash] options to be used in request
# @param params [String] :date in YYYYMMDD
# @param params [Integer] :start_time in Epoch

That results in a different error:

@param tag has duplicate parameter name: params

Ideally I want to describe the
hash with the 3 or 4 options the user of this method can use. Is there a way to do this?

Answer Source

That signature does not use keyword arguments for :date or :start_time. Keyword arguments for those arguments would be specified as something like:

def get_endpoint(date:, start_time:)

@option is specifically meant for specifying options that would be contained within an options Hash in your case params. Since you are using a keyword argument for params I would recommend adding the @param tag for this as well to clearly identify the keyword argument. For Example:

@param params [Hash]  options to be used in request
@option params [String] :date in YYYYMMDD
@option params [Integer] :start_time in Epoch

Documentation for @options just in case.

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