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C# Question

WPF Filter a ListBox

i load a list of strings in my ListBox, now i want do filter it when i enter text in a textbox. How can i do it?

public void ListLoad()
ElementList = new List<string>(); // creation a list of strings

ElementList.Add("1"); // add a item of string
ElementList.Add("2"); // add a item of string

DataContext = this; // set the data context

I binding it in xaml with

ItemsSource="{Binding ElementList}"

Answer Source

CollectionViewSource class can help here. As far as I can tell it has many capabilities to filter, sort and group collections.

ICollectionView view = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(ElementList);
view.Filter = (o) => {return o;}//here is the lambda with your conditions to filter

When you don't need any filter just set view.Filter to null. Also check out this article on filtering

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