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Receiving Push Notifications while in background

I know this is covered in a lot of places, but I cannot figure this out. I use Urban Airship for push notifications. Everything seems to be fine except that when my app is in the background -

is not getting called. It works when in the foreground - I am able to properly process messages. And I am able to get to messages from launch options if message is tapped from notifications center. But when in the background, a message it send - iOS displays the alert -
is not called. When I tap on my Application icon (not from within notification center) the app comes to the foreground and I have no idea the notification is present. Any ideas?

Answer Source

From the APNS programming guide :

Let’s review the possible scenarios when the operating delivers a local notification or a remote notification for an application.

The notification is delivered when the application isn’t running in the foreground. In this case, the system presents the notification, displaying an alert, badging an icon, perhaps playing a sound.

As a result of the presented notification, the user taps the action button of the alert or taps (or clicks) the application icon. If the action button is tapped (on a device running iOS), the system launches the application and the application calls its delegate’s application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method (if implemented); it passes in the notification payload (for remote notifications) or the local-notification object (for local notifications).

If the application icon is tapped on a device running iOS, the application calls the same method, but furnishes no information about the notification.

I believe the last sentence describes your case, and explains why your application gets no information about the notification.

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