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Having trouble with Firebase Auth Android

I have launch my app and when I clicked Share button then my apps stopped working, error show like this :

Caused by: Invalid scheme specified: https:/
at com.firebase.client.utilities.Utilities.parseUrl(
at com.firebase.client.Firebase.<init>( 
at com.robby.findingyou.LocationShareReceiver.SetAlarm( 
at com.robby.findingyou.LocationServices.onStartCommand( 

this is LocationShareReceiver has contain error with Firebase :

app = Application.instance();
Log.v("application", app.toString());
if(app != null) {
app.setSharingStatus(true, context);
mFirebaseRef = new Firebase("https:/");
if(mFirebaseRef != null) {
authData = mFirebaseRef.getAuth();
if(authData != null)
mUserID = authData.getUid();
if(mFirebaseRef != null && authData != null) {

And this error too from :

public int onStartCommand(Intent intent, int flags, int startId)
int interval = Integer.parseInt(intent.getStringExtra("frequency"));
int d = Integer.parseInt(intent.getStringExtra("duration"));
long expiration = System.currentTimeMillis() + 1000*60*d;
Log.v("duration", d + "");
alarm.SetAlarm(LocationServices.this, interval, expiration);

that's error because of what? Please help me with this

Answer Source

URISyntaxException, because your url is in wrong format

Just replace


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