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Return array int value of the respective String javascipt

In the code below, priorityData array is in [80]="High" format i.e 80 is the integer value of High. I want to extract and use integer value 80 whenever my string is equivalent to "High". How should i do that?

if (service.priorityData[i] === priorityString) {"Priority string", service.priorityData[i].values());
return service.priorityData[i].values();
} else {
return null;

service.priorityData = {0 : "None", 20: "Low, 80: "High"}

But it doesnt return anything when i use this code. Can someone please point out my mistake. Thanks

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Simply loop through the object and return the key when the value matches what you want.

for (var key in service.priorityData) {
    if (service.priorityData[key] == priorityString) {
        return key;
    return null; // not found