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SQL Injection Query

I am writing a report on SQL injection attacks. I've found an example on Owasp as shown bellow. My questions is: Since this an injection example and to me it seems as a simple query getting a row with specific ID, does it do anything else or are my assumptions correct?

String query = "SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE custID='" +
request.getParameter("id") + "'";
// Since this is a online example i don't know what getParameter("id") method does.

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to me it seems as a simple query getting a row with specific ID

Thats the magic of injection. The query should only get a row that fits a certain criteria that comes from a request (like a GET or POST from html for example).

So request.getParameter("id") provides a parameter submitted by the user (or a very bad guy).

Usually whoever wrote that peace of code expected something like this:

id = 12

which would result in

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE custID='12'

Now image what happens if the user (a bad one in this case) sends this instead:

id = 0'; DROP TABLE accounts; --

This would execute as

SELECT * FROM accounts WHERE custID='0'; DROP TABLE accounts; --'


  1. Make sure the intended query executes without error (0)
  2. End the query before the intended point (';)
  3. Inject your malicous code (DROP TABLE accounts;)
  4. Make sure everything that is left of the original query is treated as a comment (--)

The problem in the OWASP example isn't the query itself, but the fact that parameters that come from 'outside' (request.getParameter("id")) are used to generate a query, without escaping any potential control characters.

This style of writing code basically allows any user to execute code on your SQL-Server.

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