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add default value to column after migration not working

I created a column in a table as normal and did rake db:migrate. I then realised that I needed to set a default value for the column. After looking on stackoverflow I found several people that said all I had to do was edit the migration file so that this

def change
add_column :accounts, :equipment_visible, :boolean

turns into this

def change
add_column :accounts, :equipment_visible, :boolean, default: true

I did this then ran rake db:migrate again but nothing happened.

I kept looking on for answers as I assume it didn't work because I had already run rake db:migrate.

I then ran another migration and put this into the file;

def change
def up
change_column :accounts, :equipment_visible, :boolean, default: true

def down
change_column :accounts, :equipment_visible, :boolean, default: nil

but still nothing has happened....does anyone know how I can go about this now?

Many thanks


The schema for the table is like this:

create_table "accounts", force: true do |t|
t.string "name"
t.datetime "created_at"
t.datetime "updated_at"
t.boolean "crafts_visible", default: true
t.boolean "equipment_visible"

I am trying to get the "equipment_visible" to have default: true after it like the "crafts_visible"

Answer Source

You have to rollback your migration and migrate db again:

bundle exec rake db:rollback
bundle exec rake db:migrate

or just run redo task:

bundle exec rake db:migrate:redo
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