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Building a list of lists from a string

Given a specific string, my function needs to create a list of lists using all of the characters from that string. The function should start a new list whenever it sees

in the string.

should return this list of lists:
because those 8 characters were present in the string. It creates the list of lists in the order that the characters appear in the string and as I mentioned
divides the multiple individual lists within the main list.

My code so far is short but I think this could be accomplished with just a couple lines of code. Not sure if I am on the right track or if another strategy is better


def build_lst(s):

my_lst = s.split('\n')
[map(int) for x in my_lst]

Answer Source

I believe all you want is:

>>> s = "\n....\n.B.d\n" 
>>> list(map(list,s.strip().split('\n')))
[['.', '.', '.', '.'], ['.', 'B', '.', 'd']]

In Python 2, you can leave out the outer call to list and leave it at the map since map is evaluated eagerly instead of lazily as in Python 3.