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Gradle project refresh failed after Android Studio update

Here's the output:

11:57:04 AM Gradle 'KeddreaderProject' project refresh failed: Cause:

I've tried to remove .gradle folder, but it doesn't help. What can be the problem?

Edit: I get this error even when I try to import any other project on Ubuntu 13.10. But on Windows everything works (with the the same version of Android Studio) well.

Answer Source

Most people do not read the comments so to summarize (Thanks to @Industrial-antidepressant and @wrecker):

As suggested in a bug ticket you should try the following:

  1. Close Android Studio
  2. go to android-studio/plugins/gradle/lib
  3. Delete (or better move them somewhere to have a backup) all gradle-*-1.8 files
  4. Start Android Studio again and rebuild/refresh.

It should work. Make sure to star the above bug ticket to get informed.

Little tip: Try the new compile setting Settings -> Compiler -> Gradle and activate the third in-process build for a speed up. Depending on your project setting you might want to select the first one as well. With that my project build time reduced to 2-4 seconds (before 20+ seconds).

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