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iOS Question

sigabrt with no error message

I have a strange problem, i am getting a Sigabrt in main loop, but no error message is displayed, i've looked quite a lot on this in the internet but didn't manage to find anything useful. So my question would be, how to track what is causing sigabrt with no error message?

Thanks in advance.

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When your program crashes, you can go to the debugger console and type bt (backtrace) which will give you an idea of what code was being executed at the time of the crash. The top level items may not be your code, but if you keep moving down you should see something of yours in there eventually.

If there aren't any calls from your code then these SIGABRT errors are often related to your xib files, there will be something missing or renamed or otherwise changed in a xib file that hasn't been reflected in your code.

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