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Git Question

How do you know which branch that a newly created branch will be based off of?

Consider the following scenario:

I create a branch from master, and call that branch1 and create another commit for that branch (b). Then I create another branch without merging branch1 with master, using

git checkout -b branch2

A) How would I know which branch, branch2 would be based off of? Would it automatically create the branch off of the master branch or off of branch a?

B) How would you create a branch off of the branch that the first part didn't cover (i.e.: if the answer to first part is that that creates a branch off of branch1, how do you create a branch off of master/viceversa?)

master --> a
branch1 --> b

(location of new branch?)


Git branch comes off your current branch (actually HEAD), by default.

If you want to specify where it branches from, specify the startpoint

git branch [--set-upstream | --track | --no-track] [-l] [-f] < branchname > [ <start-point> ]