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How to Horizontally Center Text in a JavaFX ChoiceBox

Is there any way to horizontally center the text in a

? I am looking to center the text in the
, as well as the dropdown that opens when in the process of selecting a value.

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Per the recommendation of @VGR, I changed my implementation to use a javafx.scene.control.ComboBox. Then, I created a class called CenteredListCell:

import javafx.geometry.Pos;
import javafx.scene.control.ListCell;

public class CenteredListCell<T> extends ListCell<T> {

    /** Default constructor */
    public CenteredListCell() {

    public void updateItem(final T item, final boolean empty) {
        super.updateItem(item, empty);
        setText(empty || item == null ? null : item.toString());


Next, I created the following utility method:

NOTE: The following utility method cannot be called until the ComboBox is added to a stage and that stage is being shown

public static <T> void center(final ComboBox<T> comboBox) {
    // Get the width of the combo box arrow button
    final Region arrow = (Region)comboBox.lookup(".arrow-button");
    final double arrowWidth = arrow.getWidth();

    // Create a centered button cell
    final ListCell<T> buttonCell = new CenteredListCell<T>();

    // Create an insets object with uneven horizontal padding
    final Insets oldPadding = buttonCell.getPadding();
    final Insets newPadding = new Insets(oldPadding.getTop(), oldPadding.getRight() +
            arrowWidth, oldPadding.getBottom(), oldPadding.getLeft());

    // Replace the default cell factory
    comboBox.setCellFactory(listView -> new CenteredListCell<T>() {
        { setPadding(newPadding); }

The end result is a ComboBox with centered text in both the button cell and list-view of items.

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