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Failed to sign in error in google play games on some phones

I am developing an app that implements the google play games turn based multiplayer api.App works fine in my phone while I was developing and I could sign into multiplayer. But when I tested my app in another phone with same features and configurations, it shows error:

Failed to sign in. Please check your network connection and try again.

I am not positive if this has anything to do with my phone using my gmail account which is the developer account and the second phone using another gmail that is listed as a testing account for the app. I have the app in the alpha stage of testing but to put the app on the second phone I just physically hooked it up to my laptop like I did with my own phone.

I have made sure that I am connected to the wifi and I am able to navigate just fine. There is no issue with my connection.

Please let me know if you think you need more information. I appreciate the help.


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You can give a try by setting correct date time

If they are set to Automatic, set them manually.

If you still face same issue after doing this, follow this.

Reference Link : Google Play says there's no connection

Hope it helps ツ