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Node.js Question

mongodb aggregate $sum returns extra floating point digits

I am looking to sum the price of some inventory items via their skus on my nodejs server. They are floating-point numbers. My documents look like this

quantity: 1,
price: 38.95,
sku: 'C-2177',
product: 55b9cfc5fa39110bb644becc,
_id: 56739191b98d1fde79c3034e
quantity: 1,
price: 24.95,
sku: 'C-2188',
product: 55b9d013fa39110bb645100d,
_id: 5743870e139e80b9ecb48e02

All my prices are defined in my schema as Numbers. When I try the $group $sum operators like this:

{ $match: { 'sku': {$in:['C-2177', 'C-2188']}}},
{ $group: {
_id: null, subtotal:{$sum:'$price'}
], function(err, results){

I get extra floating point digits. Here the sum adds up to $63.90, but I get a response like

[ { _id: null, subtotal: 63.900000000000006 } ]

I'm using mongoose 4.4.2 with the mongodb 2.1.18 driver and my server is running MongoDB 2.6.11. Any help is appreciated!


These are the normal rounding errors of floats. Try in node:

> var a = 38.95, b = 24.95; console.log(a + b)

To avoid that, do not store prices in $, store them in cents. If you have really huge numbers, use a library like bigInteger and store the results as strings.