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Enable Controls within disabled Panel in VB.Net

I have some Controls inside a Panel inside a Form. I want to disable the Panel but some Controls inside the panel need to stay enabled.

Is there any way to enable some Controls inside a disabled Panel?

I would be happy about some ideas how to do that.

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One of the benefits of Panels is the can used to provide logical grouping with little or no visual element (compared to a Groupbox which is both logical AND visual). Given your question, perhaps all the child controls do not actually belong in the same container (logical group). You could use 2 or 3 panels to solve the container/child enabling problem and use the BorderStyle and BackColor properties to make them look like they are all one panel (perhaps on a master panel whose sole role is to position the children).

You can also "cascade" enabling to logically dependent elements from events. For instance, consider a checkbox "Absolute Position" which controls whether or not other controls (X Pos, Y Pos) are enabled. X and Y's enabled state can be toggled from events on chkAbsPosition such as CheckChanged and EnabledChanged.

Depending on your form, you might be able to toggle 2 or 3 controls and let each of them in turn set the state for dependent elements.


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